‘Respect the water – A safety warning for holidaymakers visiting the Broads National Park’

1) Boats stuck under a bridge © Broads Authority

2) Boats on the River © Thurne Julian Claxton

Oulton Broad

3) Tourists at Broads riverside © Julian Claxton

4) Shooting the Bridge @SQIL & Richard Johnstone-Bryden


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The campaign targets tourists headed to the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads on holiday, aiming to raise awareness of how to keep themselves and their family safe on the water.

It is aimed at the large numbers of visitors from North London, Essex, Colchester, Cambridge, Peterborough, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester and Manchester, who have already booked their holiday on the Broads this season.

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Broads Authority urges tourists not to go overboard with alcohol

Boating traffic on the River Ant at How Hill. Picture: James Bass Photography

1) Boats on the Broads © Broads Authority

2) Boats on the Broads ©Julian Claxton

As lockdown restrictions ease, the Broads Authority and partners are urging visitors to be aware of their limits when they come to the Broads.

This reminder comes as a number of destinations across Norfolk, including the Broads, have turned into hot-spots for groups to consume excessive quantities of alcohol, potentially due to the current restrictions on travelling abroad.

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Bikes found dumped in the Broads to be renovated for people in need

Around 15 bikes fished out of the Broads by the Broads Authority have been donated to Bicycle Links CIC, where they will be refurbished for people in Norwich who need transport.

Each year, unwanted and stolen bicycles are dumped in the rivers and Broads of the National Park. Of these bicycles, any that were unclaimed have been donated by the Broads Authority to two community cycling initiatives run by Bicycle Links and partners. Volunteers and mechanics at Bicycle Links will refurbish them for refugees, asylum seekers, and those seeking work and in need of transport in Norwich.
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Popular Reedham footpath reopens

Photo: Simon Finlay
Simon Finlay © 2004
01508 548697

A footpath that had been closed for many years has been reopened, thanks to a collaborative effort between Reedham Parish Council, the landowner, the Broads Authority and kind donations from local organisations.

As lockdown eases, people seeking to get out into nature will welcome the good news of another footpath opening, close to the popular village of Reedham. The reopened path connects the existing Wherryman’s Way footpath to the river and will allow villagers and tourists access to the river to appreciate local wildlife.
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Water safety warning as warmer weather arrives

River Thurne. Norfolk Broads. Picture: James Bass Photography

Loddon Staithe by the River Chet. Norfolk Broads. Picture: James Bass Photography

Broads Authority Ranger Tobi Radcliffe on the River Ant at How Hill, Norfolk. Picture: James Bass Photography

After a long winter, temperatures have finally started to climb and many will be thinking about visiting the Broads. The Broads Authority is issuing a reminder for the public to remain vigilant when on or near the water and not to forget their basic safety skills.

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New boating videos released for Broads-wide safety campaign

Broads Authority, Great Yarmouth Yatch Station – August 2020 with Rangers helping customers

Ahead of this year’s tourist season, the Broads Authority and partners have released a new series of videos, to help inform all boat hirers how to stay safe on the Broads.

The new ‘how to’ boating videos are intended for new hirers and new private boat owners to watch before their visit, to help them get the most out of their time on the Broads. Hirers will be emailed a link to the videos before their holiday, to complement the safety handover they receive when they hire a boat. It is hoped that the videos will help to acquaint visitors with their boats and improve handling skills.

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Three boaters prosecuted for navigation offences on the Broads

Broads Authority Ranger Tobi Radcliffe on the River Ant at How Hill, Norfolk. Picture: James Bass Photography

The Broads Authority highlights three recent prosecutions of boat owners for numerous counts of failing to navigate with care and caution and of breaking the speed limit on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

The Authority is committed to prosecuting those who put the Broads and its users at risk. Piloting over the speed limit and dangerous boat handling causes distress to people enjoying the Broads. It is also a real danger to wildlife and has the potential to cause serious damage and injury.

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Broads Authority urges boaters to be vigilant against CO poisoning

CO is a special problem during winter, but it is always there through the year. There are many detectors available, some combining smoke and CO detection or multi gas detectors, Check what suites your boat best and invest – IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE…….BOL Ed.


As temperatures drop and boaters return to their vessels over the Christmas break, the Authority issues a warning about the dangers of the ‘silent killer’ Carbon monoxide (CO).

Running a boat’s engine to power heating and appliances can produce Carbon monoxide (CO), a poisonous gas that has no smell or taste.

Following the deaths of two friends from CO poisoning on a boat in York in December 2019, the Authority is asking boaters to revisit and adopt CO safety advice immediately.

The boaters died when an improvised cabin heater installation leaked exhaust gas, resulting in lethal amounts of toxic CO being pumped into the cabin. The leaking gas and the fact that there was no working CO alarm aboard, may have led to the poisoning of the men’s blood systems without them having any warning.

The Authority recommends having at least one suitable working CO alarm aboard and to follow the Boat Safety Scheme’s (BSS) ‘Tips to keep you and your crew alive’

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